We the Majority – a DEMAND

by uksocialcontract


The majority of UK Citizens continue to participate in UK representative democracy. This reinforces the legitimacy of the state to act in certain ways, for example setting and collection taxes or constituting compulsory requirements to driving on the road network – please see all Acts of Parliament. Anyone who engages with the provisions collectively sanctioned by the majority of dwellers on the island and islands of Great Britain.


If any Freeman, known by any name or none with any legal disposition lawful or other wise, known by name or bodily person is to engage in anyway with any provision made through, by or on the ship of state then this notice hereforth, henceforth, whenceforth and goforth demands that all abide the decisions taken in the House of Commons by representatives of the majority of people of this and these islands, the flotilla de defacto.

This DEmAND is without Mischiefs, Vexations or hitherto unknown mis-deeds of entrapment and so on and so forth.

This DeManD is made in public, pinned to the internet, and sufficiently notarised, that you are duly obliged to comply with these terms and henceforth all changes to the terms of Acts of Parliament. Remedy shall be incarceration and/or financial penalty as set by a Court of Law.

By going on the said internet, you agree to all terms.