Judge & Rooke – checkmate

by uksocialcontract

The most indepth and probably exhaustive study of Freemanism is a judicial response from Justice Rooke of Canadian case Meads vs Meads. it covers evrry ‘strategy’ used by the freeman-types in Candaian Courts and then across the US and other juristictions. At over 190 pages it is a lengthy read, but worthwhile if you want to understand the so-called Organised Pseudolegal COmmercial Argument of freeman-types:


[623]      My observation that Mr. Meads has not brought any novel concepts to the court indicates the legal and intellectual bankruptcy of the OPCA movement. At this point they have exhausted their schemes and now simply employ variations on prior strategies that have been rejected following careful and exhaustive judicial review. [my emphasis]

There is nothing in freemanism, only a fantasy for narcissts who beleieve themselves to be above the law or desperate people seeking desperate remedies when their legal cause is all but lost. Checkmate.